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Artbeat is one of the top Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad, offering end-to-end solutions combining art, technology, and market knowledge. Founded in 2007, Artbeat Communications (P) Ltd. is a Hyderabad based creative and online digital marketing agency serving clientele globally.
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Restaurant Marketing


Digital marketing for restaurants and f&B sector is undergoing a drastic change. It is changing the way people buy and consume food.            The way we buy food and eat it has changed a lot over the years. From having a website to digital menus, today it is a world where more and      more people are going online to get their food. 

The likes of Zomato, Swiggy and Ubereats is gaining popularity because of the ease with which one can order and get food. 

No matter what your business plan for your restaurant or food and beverage, we have a digital marketing solution for you. 

01. Social Media Growth

Artbeat’s specialized team of professionals who understand the restaurant and F&B marketing will guide you to attract more customers.  Your goals may be to help customers to walk into your store or even come to your shop, this can be achieved by creative means. We have graphic designers who can make stunning visuals for your social media content.  We can present your food items, menu card, drinks, and also showcase events and food festivals. 

02. SEM & Google Ads

Depending on the items you are selling, we can have  pay-per-click search ads to feature your restaurant on the google map. Constantly updating the Google mybusiness page is one good way of ranking high. Remarketing is a good way to reach those who have visited your site or your restaurant once and we can entice them to visit once again. 

03. Email Newsletters

Email marketing through newsletters is a proven and effective way to marketing your restaurant or food online. It targets your interested customers, so that they are informed about various offers, food festivals, interesting tit-bits about your restaurant. This helps customers to know that you are a happening restaurant and will entice them to visit your place. 

04. Content Marketing

Content is the key to marketing your restaurant. It requires stunning visuals and interesting blogs to engage and enthuse your customers. Our specialized content writes and graphic designers churn the best quality content on the food items, chef’s tips, blogs, recipes so that you can be featured organically through viral content.

05. Website Design 

It is a good idea to have all your traffic to be diverted to your website. We design and integrate retail websites featuring your specialities and a system to generate online sales. You can also have online booking for restaurant tables. Your menu can be attractively displayed for your potential customers, thus creating an interest in wanting to visit your restaurant.

06. SEO – Organic Traffic

SEO is a mandatory aspect of your website. Once you have a website it is important that you rank it high on Google. SEo for local areas is a specialized skill and we at Artbeat make sure you are visible online when people are in your vicinity.  Make sure you are chosen restaurant that shows up first when people are looking out for a nice place to eat.


There has been a large boom in the restaurant industry, where people are marketing restaurants online. Many F&B companies have been tying up with companies like swiggy, zomato and ubereats to help reach customers. These orders comprise of 25% of overall sales in a restaurant, compared to the walk-ins.

Once a customer orders online, you have valuable data at your disposal to remarket to them.  The data can be your invaluable asset because you will get insights into the demographics, locations, interests of your customers. You can develop a marketing strategy that works for you. 


Artbeat offers you the right kind of digital marketing strategy that will make you win with your customers. You will have a  true following where the customers will return to your restaurant time and again. Restaurant marketing is not all about getting customers into the door, but also retaining them and keeping them loyal. You also want referrals and word of mouth publicity for your place. As owners of restaurants you will need the following: 

  • Branding
  • Web Presence
  • Increase in foot traffic
  • Increase in sales revenue
  • Larger profit margins
  • Repeat customers and longevity

Measurability is the highest benefit of Digital Marketing which is not possible through word of mouth marketing.  It is possible that when your marketing is booming, more and more people start to talk about your restaurant. Most people go by word of mouth referrals. This is also true of online reviews, where genuine reviews of customers will help you garner more traffic to your restaurant.



Artbeat has been branding and marketing dozens of restaurants. Lightgreenoven.com is one that has garnered a number of online clicks and links. Similarly we have thepicklestory.com  where we set up an online shop and started online sales. Within a few months the site has been generating a lot of business. 

Within 6 months of us working on Light Green Oven’s digital marketing campaign, we increased their social media following by over 3000 and increased engagement 6000% .

  • We have been with these two businesses for over 2 years and we are still growing their numbers. 
  • If you want the same kind of results for your food and beverage or restaurant please contact us 


1. Be quick to see the changes and adopt them

Consumer preferences are constantly changing, to stay ahead of the game, we need to anticipate their needs and then adopt them quickly. To keep your business ahead, we need to be aware of the digital trends and the way people are consuming food. We need to change the digital strategy as per the changing trends, so that we can beat the competition. 

2. Artbeat Knows about Food

Just as you would not want to hire a chef who has no experience in restaurant cooking, similarly you should not hire a Digital Marketing company which has no experience. Artbeat has built several restaurant businesses and has been innovating and changing constantly to aadapt to the digital changes. 

3. Find Your Niche

Every food joint has a different plan and profit making strategy. You need to see where your strengths are and we will help you to build your customer base from there.  You have to find your speciality to position your restaurant or food joint in a specific manner. Your restaurant could be a take-away, cafe, or simply a kitchen. 


Know your competitors: Artbeat goes that extra mile to give you what other digital marketing companies do not give you. We will be researching your competitors and determine the strategy for a marketing plan.

Say more: We keep updating you on the status of the work and also schedule regular calls with your team to help you understand the work we have done. 

Stay up to date: Artbeat experts know what is the latest in the Digital marketing industry. We adapt the best practices and bring your restaurant to the top in every search. 


1.Make a Plan

We develop a custom plan for your restaurant depending on your goals. We have a unique approach towards every business, since no two businesses are alike. Our strategy will depend on the latest market trends and also your business goals. 

2. Promotion with ads and content

We use extensive social media platforms to advertise your business online.  Since restaurants are not search oriented but location dependant, we need to send constant reminders for people to visit the place. 

3. Daily Monitoring 

We need to give extensive attention to your business online, just as you give time offline. We need to engage with various comments and questions being asked online.  Keeping them engaged is the best way to ensure you remain on the top of their mind. 

4. Engagement

It is important that we stay engaged with the customers online. Posting interesting and noteworthy content is one of the ways to do it. For high recall our experts ensure viral content is constantly being posted. 

5. Optimization

We need to have customers constantly returning to ensure that the restaurant is growing, year after year.  We need to make sure we optimize your online presence to bring more leads to your restaurant. 


As technological innovations continue to grow we need to update ourselves with the changing trends. A full service Digital Agency like Artbeat can pick your business up in no time. We focus on customer strategy and help you open the doors to get more footfalls into your restaurant. No matter what the size of your business be it a small coffee shop or online chocolate sales, we have it all covered and will help you multiply your business.

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