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Artbeat is one of the top Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad, offering end-to-end solutions combining art, technology, and market knowledge. Founded in 2007, Artbeat Communications (P) Ltd. is a Hyderabad based creative and online digital marketing agency serving clientele globally.
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ARTBEAT  will build solutions that are uniquely customized for doctors to help them draw patients looking for them. We use our experience and expertise to help doctors to find the right patients who are looking for them. We use advanced tools and services to meet your marketing goals to help you find your voice in this digital age!

Attract new Patients

Every doctor needs patients who are looking for them in order to grow their practice. That’s exactly what Artbeat provides for Doctors, which is a right mix of social media advertising and content marketing.  If you are already an established doctor, you would have current patients who are already following you on the social media pages, but PPC advertisements will enable you to reach beyond your current followers and get new patients who might be searching for you.

Build Credibility

Social media like Quora, Medium, Telegram are emerging platforms which can truly build your credibility. Our expert content writers will help you draft medical content to establish you as a practitioner with credibility online. We for a content calendar with crucial and essential information to reach your targeted clients.

Reach the Right People

No matter how good your content is, if it’s not reaching the right audience, it’s not going to grow your practice. We will ensure that your followers match the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your typical patients. Let us market your practice and services to the exact people that are looking for you.

Social Media Solutions

Artbeat generates a long-term strategy to build the  brand awareness and also gain relationships with potential patients. The focus is on content, since it is the key to draw more organic followers. This will reduce the amount you pay to generate leads.  Artbeat manages social media for doctors with engaging and interesting content and also create unique and attractive ads to help convert potential leads into loyal patients.

SEM & Google Ads

Artbeat is adept at generating more traffic to your website within a short span of time through smart pay-per-click advertising. Paying only for the leads, is a good way to get to the patients who are looking for you. Artbeat uses advanced tools to take a look at your competitors’ advertising strategies. Spot their strengths and weaknesses to improve your own campaign. We look for opportunity to bid for low costing keywords having high volume of search queries. Artbeat’s ad specialists will create a strategy that is perfectly suited to your practice. 

Email Campaigns

When it comes to marketing for Doctors, we are aware that we need to build the brand which involves trust and authenticity. Patients give more value to their doctor’s opinion rather than rely on information from unauthentic sources. We make use of  email marketing to educate patients with useful and important information through links to your blog, important articles, or info about special events. This will also grow your email subscribers to add to your patient database.

 Content Marketing

When it comes to writing for doctors, it involves a lot of medical knowledge and we at Artbeat hire medical content writers to give you authentic, research-based content for doctors.  The content provides exact information that patients need and are looking for. This kind of relevant and high-quality content will help you get to the credibility required to take you to the top in search results. If you want to stand above your competitors in the field of healthcare, you need a robust content marketing team.  

Website Design 

Having developed websites for doctors, our team at Artbeat understands what elements go into it to make it stand out of the clutter.  The website will have elements and functionalities to educate patients and help them navigate to the information they are looking for. We infuse the website will action buttons to help them take quick actions at the points of purchase.  We also understand that Doctor’s websites are a representation of their brand and reputation. We validate the content to ensure it reflects the Doctor’s personality.

SEO – Organic Traffic

The best way to get your clinic up and running is by getting more views for your content and also clicks to your blog (which eventually land the user to your website). We try to keep the cost low with good keyword analysis that identifies low cost and high volume keywords to pitch for. This strategic PPC campaigns will help you rank above your competitors. You can save time and money with our optimization tools that will help you rank better and increase the footfalls to your clinic. 

Why use our services?

It is a well known fact that patients try to educate themselves as much as possible regarding their ailment. They are constantly looking for authentic and well researched content about the service you are offering. The decision to meet a reliable doctor is most often taken online. Of course the reputation of the doctor is also important for word-of-mouth promotions.

Online is the way to reach your potential patients and also to connect to your existing patients.  There a number of tools for doctors, that can be integrated with the website in order to schedule appointments, get information,  estimates and costing of the procedures etc. Social media can be effectively used to educate patients and thereby improve the reputation of the doctor.

Did you know…

35% of Indians use internet (which is 627 million people as of 2019), and search online for doctor information and information about other health professionals. Research reveals that up to 45% of new patients come to the doctors through  referral. Reviews also play a prime role in online promotions. A good number of genuine patient reviews in audio, text and video format will add value. 

More and more doctors are going for Digital Marketing and their success largely depends on how good the Digital Marketing team is. Not investing in digital marketing is a sure way to lose patients to your competitor.   With an increase in medical content online, patients do their research before coming to you. There is a major shift in the way patients are thinking about health care. With Artbeat’s marketing services for Doctors, you will not only retain your existing patients and stay in touch with them, but also attract new customers.  

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Doctors

There are innumerable benefits of marketing online for Doctors. Stay in touch with your existing patients, so that they can refer you to others thus help you to attract new stream of patients. 

With increasing number of people going online which is close to 627 million people, it is imperative that your business should primarily exist online. Indian internet users spend the majority of their time on social media with Facebook being the most dominant social network having 241 million user base. Also it is noteworthy that the Twitter has 23.2 million active monthly users in India.

Artbeat’s marketing strategy will include publishing engaging material on all major social media platforms, thus making you more accessible to your patients. Your brand will speak volumes to both your existing patients and potential ones.  Your brand will help them to understand your practice and also your services. In a Doctor’s profession your clinic is an extension of your personality. The reputation of your clinic will enable your potential patients to make a more informed choice. 

Engaging your patients on your website with reviews, comments helps the website rank better on Search Engines. Ranking on social media is not just about the looks of your website, it is about relevance and engaging content,.  

Artbeat will work with you to build patient loyalty and also a strong referral base

We grew Dr. Vyjayanthi’s social media followers by over 3,000 fans in 12 months and increased her Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora engagement by 744%.

When Dr. Vyjayanthi reached out to us to start her fertility clinic Mother-To-Be, we started from the scratch of developing her logo, stationery and building her website on wordpress platform.  She wanted to be recognized as a leader in fertility treatment amidst a plethora of competition in her field. 

We cut her outbound marketing efforts and also print and TV advertising and focused solely on inbound marketing. The team of Mother-To-Be wanted a robust stream of patients and to be recognized as a leading clinic for advanced fertility treatments. Backed by her experience of 25 years, we generated engaging content that was broadcast across social media. We planned a PPC campaign based on high volume, low-costing keywords, thus out beating the competition. 

Just as only a Doctor with experience is most trusted patients, we know that only an agency with experience in the medical field can give you the results you are looking for. Backed by knowledge of online marketing for doctors, it has allowed us to create content that is engaging to increase traffic to your website. This helps us to bring your practice to the top on search engines. Since we have experience in your field we know for sure what works for your practice and what does not. Get started with us and avoid teething problems. 

Not all medical fields are the same and the kind of patients each one is seeking are totally different. When it comes to generating content, we need to dig from a wealth of information already existing online. Our marketing strategies are completely customized to each client in order to attract the exact patients they are looking for. Since each practice is unique, the digital strategy that we adopt is also equally unique. 

We are very well aware that the trends in medicine are constantly changing and so keep abreast with the latest research to help frame content that is updated and relevant to your practice. We also choose expert medical content writers to get the relevant content to post online for the right keywords.

We always take the Doctor’s consent before posting anything. We prepare a monthly or weekly calendar of posts and other promotional material that needs to be posted. After approval, we schedule the posts according to a specific timeline.

We understand that marketing is not a stand alone activity and involves multiple activities both online and offline. Since we are a full-fledged agency, we can provide design, content, branding, social media, website design, SEO, etc. without you worrying about engaging multiple agencies for your job. 

Investment in Marketing Online results in much greater ROI. 

We will meet the goals of your medical practice and enable you to get the right mileage and walk-ins to take your services. The following are the focus points when we work with you: 

♦ Increasing the number of patients walking into your clinic so that your practice can grow.

♦ Improving the website traffic so that it ranks higher organically based on the popularity it is gaining.

♦ Bering the website higher on the search engine which will aid in generating higher traffic to your site .

♦ We enable positive reviews that will inspire patients to book an appointment online.

♦ Improving the sharing, liking and other engagement on social media pages so that your practice reaches large audiences.


Strategic SEO and paid ads are a sure way to get your online presence reach the required ranking on search engines. 

When it comes to genuine hits on your website, the sole criterion is providing valuable content that your patients are looking for.

Build an online community where you can improve patient engagement across all social media platforms with blog posts, offers or special discounts, and  feedback.

All the social media platforms are constantly monitored and improved upon so that the digital strategy is optimized for maximum results.

Online advertising is more transparent and offers a clear picture of how much you are spending per lead and conversion. Not only do we help you  save more time and money, but also ensure you are generating more results. 

Limited Budget Marketing?

If you have a limited budget for your marketing Artbeat has solutions for you, depending on your goals. 

You goal might be simply to increase the footfalls in your clinic or to be recognized as a leader in your medical field. 

No matter what your goal is, our marketing team at Artbeat will tailor the marketing strategy to suit your budget and needs.

Our team will be in constant touch with you and explain the course of action that is required. You will get a report of the results at the end of every month. 

While you can focus on what you are good at, attending and curing patients, we will ensure you have constant business to run the show. Although doctors generally tend to rely on word-of-mouth publicity and also their practice does not allow them to advertise blatantly, we are sensitive to the fact that Doctor’s are meant to serve and not run a business out of people’s health. We as a marketing team help you to maintain that identity of service while offering inbound activities which can only help educate the give appropriate information to patients. 

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