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Artbeat is one of the top Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad, offering end-to-end solutions combining art, technology, and market knowledge. Founded in 2007, Artbeat Communications (P) Ltd. is a Hyderabad based creative and online digital marketing agency serving clientele globally.
Artbeat Communications (P) Ltd., Plot No: 45, Teacher's Colony, Gunrock,Trimulgherry, Secunderabad - 500015.
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Content Marketing

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Artbeat is a CONTENT MARKETING Agency offering expert services.


We at Artbeat Communications understand that having just a website means nothing without content that is rich and engaging. Above all the style, structure and content should have an authoritative voice in the industry. This enables search engines to pick up your website and be visible to prospective customers. With Artificial Intelligence making leaps into the way the search engines function, AI will be well-trained to identify content that is relevant, engaging and also useful to the reader.

So in order to engage a growing audience, it is must to have high-quality content that is created and added to your website on a consistent basis. This will improve your chances of getting you the right traffic of interested prospects. You will also have a greater chance of converting these leads to more sales.

Why should you go for Content Marketing?

We all understand that search engines constantly improve their algorithms to enable the crawlers to detect good and relevant content. And as the old saying goes, “Content is king.”  It is mandatory that a website has to have compelling, valuable content that is most relevant to what your readers are looking for. This helps you to earn trust with the search engines and eventually with your audience. There are research studies that prove that the more content your audience consumes from your website, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Content Marketing Facts:

  • Posposting Regular Content On Your Website Will Give You 8 Times More Traffic
  • Your Cost Of Content Marketing Is Lesser By 62% Compared To Outbound Marketing.
  • You Can Generate 3 Times As Many Leads Through Content Marketing Compared To Outbound Marketing.
  • Our Case Studies Have Shown That Content Marketing Has Produced 6 Times More Conversions Compared To Those Who Have Not Done It.
  • Unless There Is A Robust Stream Of Content Flowing Into Your Website Your Social Media And Email Marketing Will Not Work.

Content marketing is not only cheaper and more effective than other traditional forms of advertising, it also influences conversions. Artbeat’s content marketing services will help you write content that will drive results and enhance your entire online marketing presence.

Artbeat’s Hyderabad based Content marketing services will help you in the following:

  • Creating compelling content in order to establish you as the leader in your industry
  • Giving you credibility among your visitors, engaging and persuading them to take your product or service.
  • Building strong leads and interacting with them through a regular stream of email campaigns.
  • Reaching out to credible industry blogs and websites to share relevant guest blog posts
  • Sharing more effective content that will resonate well with followers on social media
  • Without a schedule of high-quality content and a strategy to market it, your business risks losing its prospects’ attention to more engaging competitors.
  • Content marketing is not only cheaper and more effective than other traditional forms of advertising, but it also influences conversions.
  • Artbeat’s content marketing services will help you write content that will drive results and enhance your entire online marketing presence.

Creating a long-term solution

Here’s what Artbeat’s content marketing team will deliver to help your company build a thriving online following

A long-term content marketing schedule

We generate high quality content aimed at gaining customer attention, engage them and identify new prospects. This content will be used to market your products and optimize your website.

Build your credibility through engaging content that markets your product

High quality, original content is the key to get optimized in major search engines. Sometimes outdated SEO might hamper your search engine results, we not only update your website with better SEO, but also remove toxic links that affect your site. We compose high quality content and post the blogs on a regular basis to improve the search engine ranking.   Here’s what Artbeat’s content marketing team will deliver to help your company build a thriving online following

Email Marketing is an effective way to get your consumer’s attention and response.

Email marketing is an effective way to develop a continued relationship with your customers. We at Artbeat can create newsletters, content that delivers value, shares the latest news and also makes offers.

Artbeat’s Social Media Strategy converts users into followers and in-turn into active engagers.

There is a big difference in posting like a person and posting like a pro where followers get converted into active paying consumers.

Why Choose Artbeat?

Artbeat offers the following content creation services:

Long-Term Content Marketing Strategy and Schedule

The first step is to analyze your existing content, marketing, and SEO approach, which includes your website, blog and email campaigns. We will research your competitors and create a unique strategy to differentiate you from your competition, based on which we will create a detailed long-term schedule and strategy.

The continuous stream of fresh, relevant and engaging content will be sent through all your channels. You will soon be established as a unique business in your niche.

We will integrate the online content into email marketing for optimal results. We will boost the engagement on social media for your posts, and repurpose the content from your blog across every social channel that is relevant to your vertical.

Ongoing Content Creation

Actually executing the plan is of prime importance to ensure your strategy is working.   The top-quality content that we generate will be optimized and published as per the schedule.  The fresh content is placed on the website and is also used to send regular emails or newsletters to your customers or prospects.

Launching Email Marketing Campaign

We’ll craft a series of messages to send to your email subscribers, designed to build your customers’ trust and persuade them to take your products or services. Artbeat’s expertise lies in providing high-quality content for your email campaign driving more traffic to your website thus building on qualified leads.

You need to establish itself as an authoritative voice in the industry in order to build long-term relationships with its customers, generate consistent revenue and allow for long-term growth. Artbeat’s content marketing experts create the relevant content you need to build those valuable relationships and they distribute and optimize it strategically to make the most impact on your target audience.

Here’s why we can help you achieve your goals better than any other content marketing group could:

Artbeat’s team targets people, not search engines –

Many online content marketers focus on SEO techniques while completely ignoring the other critical facets of content marketing: target audiences. Today, relevant content is king, not the awkward placement of dozens of keywords. Our content marketing team understands traffic is useless if that traffic isn’t engaging, so our team focuses on creating and distributing relevant content that engages prospects who are the most qualified leads.


Artbeat employs a large team with a wide range of knowledge, experiences, and marketing styles –

Our content marketing team represents a broad group of specialists. That means we have the tools we need to market whatever type of content you desire and to do so in a writing style that matches your company’s unique voice. We also are likely to have experts on our team who have experience in your industry or niche. We have a breadth of connections in the online publishing industry for potential guest posts on high-authority sites.

Artbeat offers free rewrites or substitutions until you’re 100% satisfied with every piece of content we plan to distribute –

We believe that when you communicate with customers, the quality of those communications is paramount. If we create something you aren’t completely happy with, we’ll be glad to rework it for you at our expense.

If you hire Artbeat to create the content it needs to build long-term relationships with its customers, our timeline would proceed as follows:

  1. Phase
  2. Activities
  3. Completion

Development of Long-Term Content Marketing Plan

Artbeat will analyze your content strategies and create a long-term plan to engage customers with relevant content.

Launch of Social Optimization, Email Marketing Campaign, & Article Outreach

Artbeat will create and send a series of messages to Artbeat’s email leads to build credibility and persuade them to become customers. We will begin optimizing your social profiles, and social posting to ensure maximum success.  We will create a relationship with the relevant web publishers in the business to unlock guest-publishing opportunities.

Ongoing Content Creation and Distribution

artbeat communications will create and publish compelling content to Sample Client Company’s website for 12 months in order to build a following there and establish Sample Client Company’s authority in its niche.

The first step in working out a content marketing strategy will include research about your competitors and your products/services. Artbeat will design a unique strategy based on the research about your customers. Our content will target your customers precisely. We create a blog calendar that will let you know the topics we are working on and when they will be published. All content will be sent to you in advance for you to approve and revise before publishing.

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The content we develop is based n research on the topics that are most read and are trending. We choose these topics to generate relevant content that meets the interests of the reader. We use blogs on WordPress platform or a similar CMS so that we can easily edit the content. We also use advanced tools for SEO based content based on research Keywords, so that the search engines identify the content to be relevant.

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The content we develop is distributed across various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. For more robust content distribution, we use a combination of social media management, email marketing, & advertising services. These additions will help you build an audience to promote your content to the website.

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Our agency will send content marketing reports every month to breakdown the performance of our services. The main metrics we look at this will be to increase the website traffic and the time spent on the site by each new user.

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Why Artbeat For Content Marketing Services

√  We are a full-service Company

Artbeat does not relegate itself to just content marketing, rather we integrate other services which will help your business grow. We undertake PPC campaigns, social media advertising, generate engaging content in video, audio, text, graphic formats. As a full-service agency, you get professional service in every component of your online marketing.

√  Low-risk contracts

There is no compulsion to enter into long term contracts. You can engage us for small stand-alone jobs, then when you fully trust our competencies, you can engage us in the long term.

√  Get more for your money

We do not recommend that you spend your entire advertising money on content marketing alone. Our retainer models are designed to give importance to all-round marketing efforts that will drive results. You can significantly lower the costs and enhance results by engaging an experienced agency instead of hiring full-time employees.

Frequently Asked Questions


What type of results can I expect?

The results are basically increased traffic on your website and the number of people reading. We look for the key performance for the content marketing services that consist of web traffic to the website. We will evaluate and measure the optimize for conversions metrics monthly.

How much content each month do you recommend to publish?

The small business blog post mostly weekly. The blogs or content published varies for each business. The purpose of the content is to increase awareness, engagement, and website traffic. Therefore, the more the content you create, the more opportunities you have to do this. Some small businesses will create the content and send weekly or monthly emails, while others on a daily basis.

How long are the blogs you write?

Most blogs range from 250 to 500 words. The content of the blog is different for each client. Some prefer shorter blogs, some for longer blogs, some for frequent blogs and some for heavy blogs.

Contract & Setup Fees

How long are the contracts?

We offer initial contract terms of 3 months. After the initial contract term is done, then your service will continue on a monthly basis. You also have an option to cancel your service within 30 days of signed digital notice. After 30 days, we will cancel all the services and return all the information to you.

Are there any setup fees?

There is a one-time setup fee i.e It is primarily for getting you to set up on or end to run your campaign.  we will set up and give you problem-solving systems and another administrative task in search engine systems. We would also set up necessary email marketing accounts for you.

Are there any setup fees?

There is a one-time setup fee i.e It is primarily for getting you to set up on or end to run your campaign.  we will set up and give you problem-solving systems and another administrative task in search engine systems. We would also set up necessary email marketing accounts for you.

How long does it take to get started?

If you are ready to start, then contact us. One of our business development specialists will help you to identify the best plan of action and develop a proposal for you. Once the approval is done from your side, then we will send you a contract document and start your campaign started as soon as possible.

Service & Working Together

Who will be working on my account?

You will be assigned a dedicated digital marketing specialist. This person is well trained and experience in content marketing to work with the clients to get similar content for your industry. This person is the key member to contact anytime also, your digital marketing specialist will report his work to the Director, who will review all his work before it is sent to you. This ensures you to receive quality work and solve all your tough situations.

How will you learn my business?

We will know about your business by sending you the question we need. Upon completion of this, we will schedule a call with you to discuss all the questions and any more additional features that you may have about your business. Then after this all things then we develop and research a digital strategy for your business.

Do I have to provide you with content for blogs?

No, you do not have to provide us with content. If you have content with you then you share it, we are happy to use it.