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   Digital Marketing Training Modules    PPC Fundamentals Course

PPC Fundamentals Course

36 lessons

5 hours


PPC Overview

  • What is Pay Per Click: Advertiser pays for each click to their website. The goal is to receive more than what they paid for each click. There should be a motivating force that drives the user to make the click to the site. 


  • Overview of PPC Platforms and Channels: People generally respond to an ad by either searching or browsing a website or by watching a video or by viewing an ad on social media. There are two types of advertising: Search and Display advertising


  • SEARCH ADVERTISING: Here, based on the results of the search term the user is looking for, the advertiser displays the ad on a search result page.


  • DISPLAY ADVERTISING: Here, the advertisers target the people or the users, by creating beautiful content, good sales copy.


    • What is “PPC Strategy”: There is no history of any business being successful without a plan of action. So, to make your ads seen by qualified internet users, learn the strategy behind the way you use the tools, messages, and images, the PPC platform provides. You need a well planned strategy to optimize your traffic as well as to optimize the path you take users on to becoming your potential paying customers.  


    • Understanding Sales Funnels: Sales funnels is the journey of the customer all the way from the stage where they first learn about your business to the stage where they’re ready to take your service. The landing page is the most vital part of your sales funnel and decides whether a customer leaves the page or takes your service.


    • Understanding The Decision Making Funnel: The process that takes place in a persons’ mind where he decides whether to make a purchase or not. Stages that are involved in the funnel are: awareness, interest, desire and action.


    • Establishing Conversions Along Your Funnel: Conversion is where a customers’ mind converts to purchase a product. Steps carefully taken in micro conversions leads to macro conversions i.e., the final step.


    • Using Landing Pages: A landing page is the page that opens when the user clicks the ad. The landing pages must be dedicated to the sales funnel that they are receiving traffic for and should eliminate any links to any sites that takes the user away from the path to purchase. Good web-design helps in attracting the audience.


    • Setting Aside PPC Budget

Search Advertising

Intro to Search Advertising

  • Search Campaign Setup 
  • Keyword match types          
  • Intro to keyword search
  • Building keyword list
  • Adding keywords to ads group
  • Writing and testing to your first Ads

Shopping campaigns

  • Introducing to[PLA] to  shopping campaigns
  • Setting up merchant center and your Data feed 
  • Launching your shopping campaign

Display Advertising  

  • Intro to display advertising
  • Display to campaign setup
  • Display Add format and creation
  • Display campaign optimization

Universal App campaigns 

  • Intro  to universal campaigns
  • Setting you to universal App campaigns
  • Universal App campaign best practice

Building and Budgeting 

  • The value of a click
  • Multidimensional Bidding
  • Conversion Optimizer
  • Campaign Budgeting

Multi-Touch Conversions

  • Introduction to multi channel conversations
  • The role of the home page
  • Branded Search Campaigns
  •  An easy SEO win for PPC Gains
  • Bring back  lost users to marketing
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